Hobby Horse: The phenomenon that combines fantasy, sport and creativity

Today for my column my passions, I will tell you about an unusual sport that has become a real trend among young horse enthusiasts, arousing the interest and curiosity of many: the Hobby Horse.

What is a Hobby Horse

The Hobby Horse is a game that consists of riding a wooden toy horse with a handle to grip it. The Hobby Horse has the usual accessories of a real horse, reins with mouthpiece, halters, lunghinas, bonnets, covers, food, obstacles and boxes to collect them, in short, everything created in a size that is suitable for, but equal in all respects to, the real accessories of the riding world.

Hobby horse enthusiasts gather at events called 'Hobby Horse competitions' or 'Shows' where they show off their skills, performing choreographed routines and participating in show jumping and dressage competitions

Despite the absence of a real horse, hobbyists strive to simulate the movement of riding a real horse, adding stunts and spectacular movements.

What might seem like a simple children's pastime has turned into a real movement with competitions, online communities and a culture all its own.

he passion for hobby horses started in the Nordic countries, such as Finland and Sweden, in the mid-2000s.

Initially considered a game for little girls, it later also involved boys and young adults of both sexes.

Some participants engage in intensive training, learning specific movements and working on physical endurance.

jump training... 70 cm

The passion of Hobby Horses

Hobby Horse supporters claim that the game offers a form of personal expression, creativity and a way to vent one's passion for horses.

Many participants develop an emotional connection with their toy horses, seeing them as true companions of adventure.

Some participants claim to feel a sense of freedom and accomplishment in imitating riding and physically challenging themselves.

The popularity of the Hobby Horse

The popularity of the Hobby Horse has grown rapidly thanks to social media and videos shared online. Groups of hobbyists have formed on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, where hobbyists show off their skills and share tips on how to build and customise their own Hobby Horses.

This has led to a truly global community, with events organised in different countries and participants from all over the world.

Criticism and reactions

Like any phenomenon that spreads fast, Hobby Horses are not exempt from criticism. Some see this practice as childish or even ridiculous, considering it a waste of time.

However, supporters argue that it is a healthy and fun way to explore imagination and creativity, without judgement, and that the important thing is the passion and commitment that participants put into the game!

Benefits and challenges of the Hobby Horse

The Hobby Horse offers several benefits for its practitioners. In addition to the physical activity involved in riding and performing routines, enthusiasts develop skills of coordination, balance and creativity.

Furthermore, the Hobby Horse promotes imagination and freedom of expression by offering fans the opportunity to create their own characters and stories around their Hobby Horse.

The Hobby Horse has become a real social phenomenon combining sport, fantasy and creativity.

What started as a simple game for children has turned into a practice enjoyed by people of all ages all over the world.

As it continues to gain popularity around the world, the Hobby Horse reminds us of the importance of experiencing new passions and embracing what we are passionate about, no matter how unusual it may seem!!

So, if you've ever wanted to be a horseman or horsewoman, you might want to consider Hobby Horse as a way to realise this dream, if only for a while 😊

Se volete acquistare un Hobby Horse e i vari accessori originali un sito dove potrete trovarli è Etsy vi lascio il link se volete dare un’occhiata: obbyHorse_shop online

I own three of them: Cubagrey 'white' colour the first Hobby Horse that was given to me by my friend and riding partner Mia; Silver black with a white list on the muzzle, he was given to me for my birthday.

Finally Hikary the last one arrived a few days ago from Poland, in black.

With them I like to use the various accessories, halters, headbands; I enjoy cleaning them by braiding their manes, putting on the halter and headband and especially show jumping. I got to jump 70/80 cm 😊

Before saying goodbye, I post a slow-motion video of me and the jump sequence 😉

Ciao, see you soon!