Lulù e Ginger, le Pelosette di Casa: Un’Amicizia Pelosa

In questo articolo, vi condurrò nel mondo unico di Lulù e Ginger, una super gattona “The queen” e una dolce cagnolina “can-gatto chiwi”, condividerò con voi come ci hanno fatto innamorare della loro dolcezza e del loro affascinante carattere.

Today I am telling you about Lulu. She is a foundling, my parents rescued her from the street when I was not yet born.

Mum told me thatwhen I was about two months away from being born, a mother cat with four kittens in tow arrived in the garden where they were spending their holidays in Sardinia.

One evening they heard continuous meowing and, at some point, a cat showed up in the garden. After giving her some food she went away and the next day she showed up with the four kittens.

Every day the kittens played around the garden and the mother cat wandered off.

Però she often came back to check on the kittens and to nurse them, even though they were now eating on their own, and then he left again. She did this every day until the end of my parents' holiday and was as if she wanted to know if her puppies were safe.

At the end of the holidays the mother cat was never seen again and each kitten was adopted by my parents and friends who were staying there.

Back home my parents took her to the vet for vaccines of routine, the vet found that it was about two months old and was a European catas the presumed date of his birth was 01 June 2012.

The name Lulu was chosen from a proposed list by both my mum and by my cousin Jacopo who was then the same age as I am today, 10 years old, and her friends/friends who were on holiday with them.

Ten years have passed since then and Lulu has always remained with us She has a very authoritarian character, she decides when she wants cuddles and when she wants to play.

He has a special relationship with me when I was younger and cried for some whim or some fall of mine, she would immediately come in to check on him, enter the room meowing as if to ask:

is everything OK? Are you OK?

Even today it is like this, if I have something, he comes straight away to check it.

Sometimes when I do my homework he comes to check what I am doing, she comes close to me and stares at my notebookand really funny!

She is a great hunterShe brings everything into the house: lizards, sparrows, geckos and once even a small frog, insomma brings us its prey, perhaps it thinks we do not eat enough 😀 

Sometimes we manage to save a few sparrows and she gets so angry, meowing and meowing endlessly as it were:

now that you've let it go, what do you eat?

When not hunting, he takes long naps anywhere in the house or gardenThe important thing is that it is sheltered and comfortable, where no one can disturb you.

For us she is our giant kitten, we have nicknamed her “The Queen” is in charge of Ginger (the dog) When she passes by, Ginger dodges because Lulu really is a queen!

Now I will post some pictures of the queen of the house and next time I will tell you about Ginger.

Ciao, see you soon!