A quick and delicious Christmas sweet

Oggi vi propongo un delizioso dolcetto di Natale, facile da fare e pronto in 5 minuti 🙂

You can make it in any shape, but since Christmas is just around the corner, today I am proposing a Christmas tree-shaped treat.

The ingredients I used are:

  • N. 2 rectangular puff pastry rolls
  • Nutella to taste
  • Icing sugar to taste
  • Star-shaped cake moulds (or other shapes if you like them better or if you do not have stars)
  • Milk to brush on
  • A sharp knife

Oven preheated to 180°.

Are you ready to start making this sweet?

Good! Then let us begin...
Pinafore on, ready... GO!

First of all, remember to turn on the oven at 180°

In a flat rectangular baking dish, lay the first roll of puff pastry, spread a generous layer of Nutella on top and on top and then cover with more puff pastry.

At this point make a Christmas tree-shaped template on the puff pastry sheets by cutting it out with a sharp knife. Gently remove the excess dough and place it on a plate covered with baking paper to prevent it from sticking to the plate and becoming unmanageable. Next, carve the star to be placed on the tip of the tree with the cake mould.

Now return to your tree, and carve the tree branches with horizontal cuts trying not to reach the centre of the tree.

Now start rolling up the branches of the tree, creating a 3D and scenic effectthe eye also wants its share 😉

Once you have finished rolling up the branches, place the star you made earlier on the tip of the tree and brush the whole tree with milk.

In order not to waste the leftover dough from the Christmas tree cut-out, you can carve other shapes in the shape of stars and hearts or any other shape you like, thus creating little biscuits that you can put around the tree once it is finished 😉

Once finished , bake the Christmas tree in a preheated oven at 180° for about 25 minutes or until you see it golden.

Once baked , let it cool and ust it lightly with icing sugar before serving.

Et voilà the #zerosbatti treat is ready to be enjoyed. If you want you can embellish the tree by putting decorations on it, I put sugar flowers.

Before I say goodbye, I'll post some Christmas photos.

On this occasion I wish you all the best, May it be for all of you a Christmas full of smiles and joy. I leave you with this beautiful Christmas song.

Ciao, see you soon!