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12 June 2024Giocando Con La Creatività La Noia Se Ne Va Read more...
29 May 2024Pasticci E Pasticcini In Cucina
8 May 2024Pasticci E Pasticcini In Cucina
14 February 2024Pasticci E Pasticcini In Cucina
31 January 2024monthly almanac
10 January 2024Giocando Con La Creatività La Noia Se Ne Va Read more...
3 January 2024The World In My Trolley
13 December 2023Giocando Con La Creatività La Noia Se Ne Va Read more...

My sections

My passion

copertina la mia passione

Dear friends of the equestrian world, this is about passion, strength and grace! All under the warm sun of the equestrian world. Whether you are an experienced rider or a fan of the gentle ponies, this column is the place to share stories, tips and adventures with our four-legged friends. Tune in and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of horse riding!

My animal friends

Questa rubrica è dedicata ai nostri amici animali, condivideremo curiosità, storie affettuose e celebreremo le giornate mondiali dedicate ai nostri amici del regno animale. Ogni mese scopriremo nuove avventure e impareremo a conoscere meglio il mondo degli animali che condividono con noi il pianeta. Siete pronti? Iniziamo questo viaggio assieme!

Monthly almanac

Monthly Almanac! Here you will find a wealth of information, trivia and tips to help you face each month with awareness. We explore the phases of the moon, holidays, zodiac signs, special anniversaries and much more. Subscribe so you don't miss a thing about the month that's about to begin. Enjoy reading and discovering!

The boredom goes away when you play by creativity

Are you in a 'mood' where boredom is ruining your day? Awesome! 🙂
Of course I'm joking! That's why I'm here. In fact, in this column, we are going to explore together the infinite creativity that lives within us. It will be a journey full of games, original ideas and endless inspiration. Get ready to say goodbye to boredom and make room for your creativity.

Pies and pastries in the kitchen

Are you ready to enter the exciting world of recipes and baking?
Whether you are an expert or a beginner in the kitchen, there is a place for you here!
Get your apron on and let the dancing begin!
Let's have fun together in the kitchen with exploding dough (oh really?!?) and exploding flavours.

The world in my trolley

Welcome to my adventure around the world! In this section I will share with you the journeys I have made and the destinations I dream of exploring. Through stories, images and discoveries, I hope to take you on a journey through cultures, landscapes and emotions. Get ready to travel with me and discover the wonders of our extraordinary planet together!

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